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thanks to its design

New method
of labelling

Innovative product

We have created the Talking Label, an innovative solution for those who appreciate comfort. The Label is also a unique solution for visually impaired and blind persons.

Rimmed with the recognizable embossed yellow rim the Label's QR code stores the product's name, ingredients and manufacturer.

Why is the embossed rim yellow?  Scientists have proved that 3-month-old infants and visually impaired person can see this colour.

Our special QR code and related application allow for reading all product information, and blind and visually impaired persons can touch the embossed label and can read the label using a free smartphone or iPhone application.

TThe design is legally protected in the EUIPO under number RCD 005313434, RCD 006379350-001, RCD 006379350-002.

How does it work?

Jak to działa? Krok 1

Download the free Voice Label application from AppStore or Google Play

Jak to działa? Krok 2

Scan the QR code in the yellow-rimmed label

Jak to działa? Krok 3

Enjoy complete product information


Download the free Voice Label application
that allows for reading all product information with your mobile

There are people
who do not know
Your Brand

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Make You Brand visible!

Legible labels increase customers satisfaction

How to label your products?

While creating a label to identify and make your product stand out in the market do you think who will read it? Remember that there are clients who "do not see" it and they do not know your brand.

Promote your brand along with the product quality – use our embossed Talking Label. The Label may be in the form of an additional sticker or incorporated into the presently used label. The Label stands out in the market – visually impaired customers can see the yellow rim and our application allows for including complete product information in the QR code.
Many clients will surely notice the colour and the embossed rim, the more so that we are promoting it throughout Europe.

The label was presented to ONCE, the National Organization of Spanish Blind People, that appreciated it as the best, useful solution for the visually impaired.

About us

About us

Our company normally deals among others with labelling products, but private problems of the company owner triggered works on finding a solution for reading product names and ingredients
to visually impaired persons.

To this end, for a few years we have been cooperating with such organisations as
the Polish Blind Association or Spanish ONCE.


with the Polish Blind Association



    Logo PZN


Pakowanie i oznaczanie produktów

We are experts
in product packaging
and labelling solutions


We design interiors
taking into account needs
of persons with disabilities

Indywidualne podejście

We approach each task

Cieszymy się powierzonym zadaniem

We are happy that you have
selected our company
to develop your visions
and make them come true

Statistics and figures

and figures / CSR

Ikona statystyki    Statistics

Nr 1

According to the World Health Organisation
(WHO), today there are as many as:

Ilość osób niewidomych i niedowidzących 314 million

blind and visually impaired
persons in the world


Nr 2

According to the Polish
Census 2011 in Poland live:

Ilość osób z dysfunkcją wzroku 1,8 million

persons with eyesight dysfunctions


Nr 3

The Polish Blind Association
has around:

Ilość osób zrzeszonych 100 thousand

members in Poland


Ikona wartości    Values

Znak zapytania

Our social responsibility is helping,
and what is your corporate
social responsibility?


Znak zapytania

Are you aware that by
removing barriers
you also can help yourself, your family and friends?


The equal treatment and non-discrimination have become vital issues covered by the policy of many countries. The solution is addressed to all manufacturers, suppliers and individual consumers of consumer goods who are to participate in this policy.
Corporate Social Responsibility is not only about legal and formal compliance, but it also addresses different needs essential to the community, such as natural environment protection, or fighting discrimination or social exclusion. All companies and institutions are expected to identify and address social needs.
Therefore, using the special Label to identify your products you prove that CSR is not merely one of the www sections, but a prompt response to market needs.



Contact data:


BONORUM Sp. z o.o.
ul. Krakowska 180
52-015 Wrocław


+48 601 533 336



Contact form:

We inform that your personal data administrator is Bonorum Sp. z o. o. based in Wrocław, at Krakowska 180, NIP 8971838744.
Contact with the administrator: e-mail: Giving your personal date in the form is voluntary. You have the right to the access, rectification (updating), erasure, portability, restriction of your personal data, you also may deny the right to the data profiling. You also have the right to make a complaint about your data processing by our company to the regulator. Your personal data shall be processed pursuant to Art. 6(1)(B) of the General Data Protection Regulation dated 27.06.2016 in order to service and perform a contract.

Privacy policy regarding data processing by the Voice Label application:

Please be advised that the application uses the following data:
- requires access to the camera on the device (to scan codes)
- requires access to a microphone (to listen to voice commands)
- requires internet access (only to download product data from the code)

In addition, the application does not install any additional content,
does not charge or request access to other resources than those indicated
above, as well as does not use the offers of advertisers and is suitable
for children of all ages who have already acquired the ability to use smartphones
to the extent required by the application Voice Label for reading codes.                               
Therefore it does not require additional age protection.

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